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Return to Him 2019-2020 Update
A program designed to introduce you to the greatest relational principles in Jesus Christ
Matthew 6:26-33 "Above all else, pursue Jesus one person, one family at a time..."
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1. Complete the application (30 minutes)
2. View each video (Trimesters I-III below:)
3. Print and/or create a link to the Laws and Policy (1 hour)
5. Print and return by email the Certification letter (30 minutes)
6. Pay the certification fee: ($100.00).
7. Receive your faith-life coach certification (7 to 14 days mail), or opt for
electronic version (24-48 hours)
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Consider transfering your Faith-life Coach credits to A Christ-based Seminary degree program

Return 1
The Foundational Principles and Skills
(This is what's needed most)
Return II
Intermediate, Old Testament Dispensations and Covenants
(Understanding the history)
Return III
(Understanding the unseen and the future)
The Nation's Christ-based Leader
Resource Links
Return to Him, Fact Checks Sheet, and Statistics
A chain is only as great as it's weakest link.  Do you desire to save America? Save the black family.
The information provided is for research, discovery and discussion on various viewpoints.

Return to Him, Facts Check Handout:  Use this to share, discuss, and take action. Pdf  Word.doc

Family Statistics and the Impact of the Music

Teen Link Impact of Rap
Journal of Black Psychology findings:
American Academy of Pediatrics

Root Cause for African American Depravity

Speculated Root Cause 1
Speculated Root Cause 2
Speculated Root Cause 3

Discussions of out of wedlock Statistics

National Review
Out of wedlock births

Defending Stats as women choosing not to get married:

Prison Statistics

Top 10 facts
The rate of incarceration has grown since 1960
Burea of Prisons
Faith and crime:
Church Statistics

A close look at church attendance in America
Church attendance trends

#CBNationalCrisis FACT-Sheet: The nation is only as strong as the weakest link, and regardless of race we need every believer's help.  The African American family is in the greatest peril. This is a national crisis. Strengthen the African American family, strengthen the nation.  The FACTs illustrate, there's only one way. Return to HIM:

Full Administrators'/Leaders' Version Pdf  Word
Handout Versions-Trifolds:  Pdf   Word 
1 Page Talking Points version:  Pdf  Word. 
Handout Action Plan: Pdf  Word 
Frequently Asked Questions:  Pdf  Word  
Return to Him Calendar:  Pdf   Word

"Our apologies in advance. Documents are in draft form. Documents are reviewed periodically and updated for gram-corrections. Thanks for understanding our need to distribute these with speed."
This is a place of faith and dignity.  We invite believers of every position and vocation to share wisdom, ideas, prayers, or other expressions. Please establish a user id and password, verify through the link sent to your email, and then post/invest your comments: 
This is not a sophisticated place. It's for any person or a people who have lost their way. It is for persons who have been searching without
an answer. It is particularly for persons with no
God on their side, and they bear the marks: Disillusion, hopelessness, crippled
by crime, barren with broken families, devastating drop-out rates, darkened by
depression, discarded by society.

The answer is not in government, laws, or the president. It's in an abiding faith in Jesus Christ!
Some will say, a person cannot return to the God they never knew. However, in the sense that God loved us first, we believe to RETURN is the call (Luke 15:11:24).

This site introduces a person or people to all of the most important relationship principles to know our God. This is done with a simple approach:

View each video as presented without any pressure.  If you want to learn more,
answer the questions.  You can also go on to Return II and III.   If you need more
help such as a life-coach at your side or counseling for depression, addiction and
similar challenges, please let us know.

There's more resources here if desired.  This site is sponsored by the Association of
Amazing Things The Church legacy Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators, and Educational Systems (A3CEES),
and the Amazing things Church on-line where anyone can attend from anywhere.

Would you like to know more about this ministry?  Click here to meet the ministry-leader.

Given all the symptoms that so easily distract us, we need to Return to the God Who blessed this nation and people. We are reaching hundreds if not thousands daily with this message.

The Return to Him Battle Framework
It was the first Christian symbol.  The Greek acronym is fish (Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior)

I-Identify the root cause (A people who have rejected the God who freed them for His purposes) Deuteronomy 28:15-68.
C-Call everyone to action (Eziekel 33:6).
T-Target every cause and sub cause for the condition (Ephesians 6:10-12).
H-Hit, Hurt, Harm every demonic strategy and instrument (Matthew 8:29-31).
U-Use spiritual weapons faith, prayer, God's word and pragmatism (Ephesians 6:15-19).
S-Sustain the campaign until the condition changes, or Jesus returns (Exodus 17:12).
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  • Satanic Entertainment a Symptom
  • The ReturntoHim Battle Framework
  • The Real War Weapons
  • Hatred A Symptom
  • ISIS A Symptom
  • Ferguson a Symptom
  • Racism a Symptom
  • Lawlessness and Police Corruption a Symptom
  • A Symptom
  • Division a Symptom
  • Racism a Symptom